Maz Page

This page is not visible to the public. First ensure that the two tabs in the top right of this editor is on Visual.

Next make sure that the icon in the editor called toolbar toggle is turned on. Then you should see two rows of editing icons.

On the second row of icons on the left there is one which shows Paragraph.

There are several pre-determined styles. You can type something in, highlight it and then apply the styles like this:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

This is normal or paragraph text. Note that the text as it appears here is not the same as it appear on the site. Use it as a guide.  When you have finished editing click on update button to the right. When the page has been saved. A link will appear saying page updated, view page. Click on this to see how it looks.

Here is a link. Go to the website.

Here is one that is not as it seems: Here is another link to the website.

Here is a link to a Volunteer Monthly Structured Diary – 2014